• Criminal Defense FAQ


    Facing criminal charges can be intimidating, frightening, and confusing. Our attorneys are determined to educate our clients about what to expect when facing criminal charges. Our criminal defense…

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  • How to Find a Pompano Beach Lawyer


    Finding yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer can be scary and overwhelming. You may not know how to find a lawyer, or be wondering “where is there a lawyer near me?” Located right in Pompano Beach, Florida, LJ Law Group can help you navigate the legal system and will be there for

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  • States with Abnormally High DUI Statistics

    Let’s take a closer look at the DUI statistics per state to see how they compare and find out the worst case for DUI convictions.

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  • What Are Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws?

    Back in the 1970s and 1980s, the U.S. Congress and other state legislatures passed a set of laws that forced judges to penalize specific crimes, often related to drugs and sex, with fixed prison terms to those convicted. At that time, lawmakers believed these inflexible sentences would deter others from committing these crimes, particularly drug-related

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  • Why You Should Find a Law Firm That Does Criminal and Civil Cases

    No matter your situation, when searching for a lawyer it’s important that you find a firm with both civil attorneys and criminal attorneys at the practice. Long & Jean Law Group in Pompano Beach, Florida is exactly this type of firm, which is part of what enables us to provide exceptional service and the best

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