• West Palm Beach Bar/Nightclub Shooting Lawyer


    Bar/Nightclub Owners are Responsible As the owner of a bar or nightclub, they are responsible for keeping their patron’s safe. While many employ security guards or bouncers, sometimes these people in charge of protecting customers can sometimes join in on the fight when it gets going.  When a bouncer acts negligently, they open themselves up […]

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  • South Florida White Collar Crimes Lawyer


    White collar crimes cases are often very nuanced and complex when compared to others. Thus, if you’ve been charged with a white collar crime in South Florida, it’s important to seek representation from an attorney who is familiar with the applicable laws pertaining to your case. That’s the type of attorney you’ll find at LJ […]

  • South Florida Violent Crimes Lawyer

    Are you facing a South Florida violent crimes charge? If so, you need to meet with a South Florida violent crimes attorney right away. Although the penalties you may face if you’re convicted can range widely depending on the nature of the crime and various other circumstances, they may be very significant. Additionally, a criminal […]

  • South Florida Theft And Property Crimes Lawyer

    If you’ve been charged with theft or a property crime in South Florida, it’s crucial that you seek legal representation from an attorney qualified to handle your specific case. At LJ Law Group, our South Florida theft and property crimes lawyers are ready to offer the strong defense you need. South Florida Theft and Property […]

  • South Florida Sexual Battery Lawyer

    In the state of Florida, all assaults of a sexual nature are considered sexual battery. If you have been accused of sexual battery, or are facing any type of sexual battery charges, you need to know how important it is to your future and your freedom to handle the situation properly. One of the easiest […]

  • South Florida Restraining Order Lawyer

    Domestic violence is an unfortunate and desperate situation for many families that keep them from feeling safe and comfortable in their everyday lives. Victims stuck in situations that include domestic violence often do not have a clear direction of how to begin taking legal action without incurring more, and potentially increasingly severe, domestic violence. The […]

  • South Florida Prostitution Defense Lawyer

    In South Florida, as well as most other areas of the nation, prostitution and solicitation are illegal. They can result in stiff penalties for convictions. If you are facing charges related to prostitution and solicitation one of the best things you can do for your case is to contact an experienced South Florida prostitution defense […]

  • South Florida Violation Of Probation Lawyer

    Probation can seem like the ideal way to mitigate an unfavorable outcome to criminal charges, and generally speaking, it usually is. You can often avoid jail or prison entirely by meeting court-mandated requirements. However, sometimes, whether you realize it or not, you might violate your probation and find yourself back in hot water.  You may […]

  • South Florida Juvenile Defense Lawyer

    It seems like everywhere these days are making penalties for juvenile offenders tougher and tougher. Even when given relatively lenient sentences, they can still be beginning their adult lives saddled with the burden of a criminal record. This can prevent them from fully reintegrating and leaving their troubled past behind. If your child, or the […]

  • South Florida Fleeing And Eluding Lawyer

    Fleeing and eluding, occasionally known as fleeing and eluding an officer of the law, is a charge laid when a driver fails to stop or fails to remain stopped when ordered to by a law enforcement officer during the course of their duties. Being convicted of a charge of fleeing and eluding can lead to […]