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dog bite lawyer pompano beach

Animal Attack Lawyer

About 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the country. Dog bites accounted for over $700 million in liability claims paid out last year. Liability exists for dog owners even in the absence of negligence. If you or someone you know has suffered an attack, they may be eligible for compensation. Contact us to learn how a dog bite lawyer can help.
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pompano beach boating accident lawyers

Boating Accident Lawyer

South Florida is all too familiar with boating accidents. Each year the number of boating accidents in Florida increases, with over four thousand accidents, two thousand fatalities, and $46 million in property damage alone. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a boating accident, seek legal guidance from LJ Law Group to fight for your rights and make sure justice is served.
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pompano beach car accident lawyers

Car Accident Lawyer

South Florida witnesses over 1,000 car accidents per day. As a result, deaths and serious bodily injuries occur. Our firm specializes in assisting accident victims every step of the way. We work diligently to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, future medical costs, and other damages. When an accident leads to injuries, let an accident attorney help you today.
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civil rights attorney pompano beach

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Attorney in Pompano Beach, FL The term “civil rights” refers to the rights of citizens defined in the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights as well as rights that have been passed by Congress throughout the years. All individuals should become informed on what their civil rights are, how they can protect them, … Continue reading "Civil Rights"
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elder care nursing home neglect attorneys pompano beach

Elder Care and Nursing Home Neglect

With over 700 nursing homes in Florida, nursing home abuse cases are prevalent. From wrongful death, bedsore falls, and other injuries, those responsible for nursing home negligence should be held accountable for wrongdoing. Contact us for a nursing home neglect case consultation. Let our caring attorneys help you navigate the way to get justice for you and your family.
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medical malpractice lawyers pompano beach

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice accounts for 10% of deaths in America. The truth is, doctors and hospitals are liable for medical negligence in Florida if they fail to provide reasonable care to a patient. This ranges from surgery mistakes, misdiagnosis, and failure to respond to a patient in distress, birth injuries, and more. Contact us to receive personalized help from our medical malpractice attorneys in Florida.
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victim of a motorcycle accident in pompano beach

Motorcycle Accidents

South Florida witnesses over 10,000 motorcycle accidents every year. If you suffered injuries due to a motorcycle accident you did not cause, you might be eligible for compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other related expenses. After seeking medical attention, make your next step letting our team of personal injury attorneys help you understand your legal rights.
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Product liability, mass torts and defective product claims pompano beach

Product Liability / Mass Torts

Law protects consumers from negligent corporations that distribute faulty products that may cause injury, illness, and even death. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to dangerous commercial products, contact us to have the legal representation you need to receive the compensation you deserve.
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slip fall lawyers pompano beach

Slip & Fall / Premises Liability

Slip and fall cases fall under premises liability cases. Slip and fall claims result from premises owners neglecting the maintenance and repairs of the property – commercial and personal. Slip and fall victims have legal rights that entitle them to compensation. Contact an experienced slip and fall attorney to help you receive what you’re entitled to by law.
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sovereign immunity pompano beach

Sovereign Immunity in Pompano Beach

In Florida, if you’re injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’re entitled to compensation for your losses. Personal injury lawsuits also apply to government agencies and government employees. In this case, sovereign immunity cases in Florida require expert guidance and advice to assure you receive the compensation you deserve.
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man with lower back pain in need of workers compensation attorney

Workers’ Compensation

Every day, Florida workers are exposed to dangers in the workplace. If you or someone you know has been injured performing normal work duties, they may be eligible for workers compensation, regardless of fault. Our workers' compensation lawyers are committed to helping workers recover the workers' compensation benefits they are entitled to receive by law.
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pompano beach wrongful death attorneys

Wrongful Death

When the death of a person is caused by negligence or the wrongful act of any person, they become liable for damages. Wrongful death claims are emotionally draining, require sensitive legal partners and a team of experts dedicated to supporting you. After the wrongful death of a loved one, contact our compassionate wrongful death lawyers to serve justice for you and your loved ones.
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pompano beach assault & battery lawyers

Assault & Battery

Being charged with a violent offense is a serious matter. Many assault and battery offenses carry a myriad of negative consequences including probation, jail, reputation damage, and a permanent criminal record. Assault and battery charges are defendable; you should attempt to resolve your case by working with an experienced criminal attorney. Contact us for a personalized consultation.
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pompano beach criminal defense lawyers

Criminal Defense

Criminal accusations require the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Even a misdemeanor can lead to a criminal record, which can negatively impact your life for years to come. Our criminal defense attorneys can help with misdemeanor and felony charges. Learn more about our criminal defense areas of service today.
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drug possession defense attorneys pompano beach

Drug Possessions

Any harmful substances that cause abuse, dependency, or even death if used without medical supervision are likely within the Controlled Dangerous Substances list. Drug possession is considered a third-degree felony in Florida. Individuals found possessing drugs may be able to enter legal programs. Contact us for a case consultation.
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DWI and DUI lawyers pompano beach

DWI & DUI Attorney

Florida witnesses over 43,000 DUI Violation Tickets and over 24,000 DUI convictions per year. Driving under the influence is unsafe and illegal. However, faulty equipment, improper official training, and other factors may result in an unfair DUI violation or arrest. We examine every element of the case to provide an effective defense against Florida DUI charges.
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felony crime defense pompano beach

Felony Defense Attorney

A felony is a serious offense, whether it’s violent or non-violent. Felony crimes respond to complicated laws. If you’re subject of an investigation or have been charged with a felony crime, seeking the services of a felony defense attorney as soon as possible can help you explore your legal options. Our qualified attorneys will use all efforts to defend you at trial.
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Identity theft in Pompano Beach

Identity Theft Lawyer

If you or someone you know is in need of an identity theft lawyer in Pompano Beach for defense of criminal charges, it's important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Identity theft is a serious crime, and if you are convicted there can be serious repercussions for your future, your career, and your reputation.
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misdemeanor crimes pompano beach

Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

Misdemeanor crimes are often less serious charges, which can result in fines and jail time. However, in some cases, misdemeanor crimes can be elevated to a felony. A qualified criminal defense attorney will help you to understand misdemeanor laws in Florida. Our skilled team will explain your options, including reduced or dropped sentence, expungement options, and more.
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restraining order lawyers pompano beach

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders can result from a wide range of situations: from domestic violence to copyright infringement, assault, and more. If you or someone you know has a restraining order, having an injunctions defense attorney can help ensure your rights under the Florida law are protected. Let us help you understand how to avoid violations of this order.
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white collar defense lawyer pompano beach

Theft & White Collar Crimes

A theft accusation is a serious issue that can have lifelong repercussions. So are white collar crimes, since they can significantly damage someone’s reputation. Our firm has been defending those accused of criminal acts in Florida for years. If you or someone you know is facing criminal accusations, make sure you have the best defense team on your side.
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pompano beach probation violation attorneys

Violation of Probation or Community Control

Violation of probation can result in extended penalties, from the revocation of probation privileges and monetary fines, to even imposition of the original jail or prison sentence. If you or someone you know has been accused of violating probation, contacting a criminal defense lawyer is imperative. Let our team explain your rights and the best way to avoid further legal consequences.
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