Florida Child Endangerment Lawyer

Child endangerment happens when a person engages or participates in behavior or conduct that puts a child in imminent danger of bodily injury, impairment of the brain or body, or death through act or omission. Endangerment of a child and negligent care of a child can be either a misdemeanor or felony crime. Felony endangerment or negligent care charges are related to the intent and the degree of risk to the child.

Charged with Child Endangerment

If you have been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, hiring a qualified criminal defense lawyer is a vital component to navigating your charges while making sure your rights are protected. Florida covers child endangerment under its child abuse laws and codes. Things that may constitute endangerment include willful torture, malicious punishment, battery, and aggravated battery, willful caging of a child. The law will also consider causing great bodily harm, lifelong disability, or permanent disfigurement. Additionally, anyone who encourages another to participate in these activities can also be charged with the same crimes.

With regard to child neglect, Florida classified neglect as a subset of abuse and contains its neglect laws therein. The state defines neglect as the failure or omission to provide a minor with necessary physical and mental care. There are also stipulations to provide supervision and necessary health services like doctor visits and oral health. This all includes providing sufficient food, water, clothing, shelter, supervision, medical care, and any medications that are prescribed. 

The Consequences Of The Charges

Without proper legal help, like from the attorneys at LJ Law Group, you can put everything at risk. You can not only lose custody of your children permanently, but you could face tens of thousands in fines and costs, along with significant jail time if convicted. Why would you risk all that when you can make a phone call or send an email and get a free case evaluation. The attorneys at LJ Law Group will let you know what they think of your case after you tell them the specifics, and will let you know if they feel they can help, and all the pertinent details.

Why Choose LJ Law Group?

When you are facing charges like these, you cannot afford to lose. Working with an experienced Florida child endangerment firm like LJ Law Group is the best thing you can do for your child endangerment case. Trying to go it yourself or relying on a public defender can end up with you behind bars and your child or children in permanent foster care, on top of thousands in fines, costs, and restitution. 

LJ Law Group has successfully defended clients from misdemeanor and felony charges of child endangerment and has helped them protect not only their financial future, but their children, their freedom, and their reputation. Because no matter if you are guilty or innocent, if you fail to secure the proper legal help, once you are eventually convicted, nobody will ever be able to look at you the same way again.

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