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Florida’s approach to DUI cases is unique, in that they result in both criminal and civil cases filed against you. That’s why it’s imperative to get a qualified Florida DUI attorney to properly defend your case.

You can face charges if you drive while under the influence of recreational drugs, like marijuana, alcohol, and medications, whether they’re prescription or over the counter. With the wide array of possible factors that lead to a charge, as well as what’s at stake, it’s important to make sure your side is heard.

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A DUI accusation is serious and scandalous while risking your livelihood. Regardless of how minor your case is thought to be, it can directly interfere with your quality of life and affect your future employment opportunities, school admissions, or more.

At LJ Law Group, we understand what’s at stake. The unique ramifications of Florida’s DUI process make it essential to hire an experienced lawyer who is on your side to challenge even the smallest aspect of the case brought against you or your loved ones.

We’ll go the extra mile for you, which is why you should hire LJ Law Group as your DUI Lawyer.

How DUI is Approached in Florida

Of the almost 45,000 DUI cases Florida saw in 2019, there were about 3,000 fatalities involved. 

If you’re arrested for a DUI, the state makes its first appearance while holding you in jail within the first 24 hours. At that time, a judge informs you of the charges brought against you. However, it is not until the arraignment that you are formally charged.

Your attorney files paperwork waiving your appearance at the arraignment and enters a plea on your behalf. LJ Law Group will be with you at every stage, assessing the circumstances you’re facing and making proper arrangements that work for your benefit through the pre-trial and trial process.

Depending on the severity of the charges against you, a first conviction will result in a suspended license and a fine up to $2,000. Fines are based on your level of impairment, starting at a minimum of $500.

Repeat offenses have much more serious repercussions and can result in your license being permanently revoked. 

DUI’s often result in accidents and crashes, which can also cause personal injury and fatality. These open you to civil charges, in addition to criminal charges, and increase the liability against you.

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Our legal team at LJ Law Group focuses on advocating for your rights and getting results for you as one of Florida’s preeminent criminal defense attorneys. We build all our cases with the assumption they’re going to trial to construct the strongest defense for you. We work with you to help you navigate the delicate situation that has been built around you. Facing criminal or DUI charges is a stressful and alienating time. We understand your situation and help you where it suits you best. We have helped many clients reduce their sentences, where they haven’t been dropped altogether.

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