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No matter what age you are, nobody is immune from making mistakes. But those mistakes are meant to be a lesson that we learn from and move on. You don’t want them to follow you your whole life. If the mistake you made was a criminal offense, however, that’s exactly what occurs. If you were charged or convicted of a crime earlier in your life, that establishes a criminal record that follows you throughout your adult life.

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A criminal record can impede your civil liberties and make it more difficult for you to seek employment or be accepted into schools to achieve higher education that will help get ahead in life. That’s why so many former offenders petition to seal or expunge their criminal records. However, to successfully restore their reputation, they have to follow an incredibly strict process.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is imperative to ensure you get through that process effectively. The legal team at LJ Law Group are experienced expungement attorneys who understand the procedures and process involved, as well as the strain on your life.

We understand what’s at stake. That’s why the LJ Law Group provides you, or your family, with a strong legal representation so that you stand the best chances in court to restore your record.

Petition to Expunge or to Seal Your Records?

You’ll be eligible to petition to expunge or seal your records after carefully following Florida’s procedure. Retaining a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the process will be able to guide you best.

You have two options for resolving your criminal record.

Successfully petitioning to expunge your record will remove your criminal history altogether. If your records are successfully sealed, the state will restrict access to your records.

The first step is the same for both sealing records or expungement. You must apply for eligibility. If granted, you’ll receive a certificate of eligibility that allows you to move along the process.

The type of offense committed, or if you have multiple arrests or convictions on your record, will be the basis for the success of your case.

However, you’re eligible to have your record expunged if you’re either wrongly convicted or found not guilty. If you have not been found guilty or adjudicated for any other or similar offenses. Or if you have not filed any other petitions for additional expungements.

Why Choose LJ Law Group

Our legal team at LJ Law Group focuses on advocating for your rights and getting results for you as one of Florida’s preeminent criminal defense attorneys. We understand the strain and difficulty you can face in day-to-day life by having a criminal record. 

We’re dedicated to providing excellent representation to allow you to have a second chance and live your most fulfilling life with a clean slate. At LJ Law Group, we work with you to understand the delicateness of your unique situation. We have helped many clients expunge or seal their records so they can seek employment or higher education and move forward with their lives.

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