Florida Fishing And Wildlife Offenses Lawyer

Florida is home to a diverse ecosystem with a variety of wildlife. As a protective measure, the state has laws and regulations put in place to protect its unique biodiversity.


These laws are difficult to keep track of, despite being strictly enforced. If you’re accused of violating Florida’s fishing or wildlife laws, you can face criminal charges. That’s why it’s imperative to retain a Florida fishing and wildlife attorney who is familiar with the nuances of the law and can help you navigate this delicate situation.


At LJ Law Group, we understand what’s at stake. That’s why LJ Law Group provides you, or your family, with a strong legal representation to help you stay out of jail while lowering any potential fines.

Common Offenses and Wildlife and Fishing Violations

Most charges result from a simple unawareness of fishing and wildlife legislation.

At the most basic level, every adult who fishes and hunts in Florida must have a license to do so. The most common offense is not having a license or permit. You can face a citation if your permit has expired or been suspended, as well.

The more nuanced and complicated aspects of these laws relate to protected species, as well as fishing weight and size restrictions. Alligators and birds of prey are all protected species, as well as multiple species in the Florida keys. Rabbits, cotton mice, woodrats, and deer are all protected in the Keys.

Specific fishing gear will also require permits to use, such as special baits or baiting techniques. The best way to prevent a charge, or any future charges, is to have the fullest understanding of the laws and permits necessary.

An added complication is that regulations are different for freshwater and saltwater fishing, which makes them even more difficult to keep track of. 

Repercussions for Violating Wildlife and Fishing Laws

You can face severe repercussions for violating these laws. Hunting or fishing out of season, or violating the catch-and-release size restrictions can result in criminal misdemeanor charges. 

These can result in jail time or fines. Severe violations can face up to a year in jail and fines up to or exceeding $1,000. 

Repeat offenses bring in more severe repercussions and may result in fines and charges separated per each fish or wildlife that was affected. Our experienced legal team will help you navigate this nuanced and complicated situation, as well as helping you understand the laws to prevent repeat offenses.

Why Choose LJ Law Group

Our legal team at LJ Law Group focuses on advocating for your rights and getting results for you as one of Florida’s preeminent fishing and wildlife defense attorneys. Florida has some of the strictest laws protecting its wildlife, and they’re heavily enforced, as well. 

We work with you to understand your situation and help you where it suits you best. You don’t want to handle this situation or take your chances in court alone. We have helped many clients reduce their sentences, where they haven’t been dropped altogether.

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