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If you or someone you, know gets arrested for a crime, your freedom and reputation will be at stake. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may be the difference between a jail sentence and your freedom


A criminal charge can be one of the most stressful situations an individual may experience in their life. With so much at stake, confusion and fear are inevitable. If you are not a United States citizen, a criminal charge may even leave you facing deportation. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer with the proper skills to navigate the criminal justice system is imperative to help your case.

Florida still treats prostitution as a serious crime deserving of thorough prosecution. You don’t have to be a sex worker yourself to face significant penalties if you’re accused of participating in prostitution in Florida. If you benefit financially from prostitution, solicit a sex worker, or otherwise engage in this crime (even indirectly in some instances), a prosecutor may treat your case aggressively.

You need an equally aggressive Florida prostitution defense team. Hire a Florida prostitution defense lawyer through LJ Law Group to protect yourself.

Essential Information from Florida Prostitution Defense Experts

Florida’s prostitution laws cover more than one crime. Subcategories of prostitution include the following:

  • Compelling another person to commit prostitution or a related crime
  • Committing prostitution-related crimes involving minors
  • Securing or knowingly providing space used for prostitution
  • Transporting persons to locations where prostitution is occurring

Because prostitution laws in Florida cover a wide range of crimes, these cases can be very complicated. Our Florida criminal defense lawyers understand this. They carefully review all the details of a case to construct a strong defense.

Why You Need a Florida Prostitution Defense Attorney

The penalties you may face if you’re accused of being involved in prostitution in Florida vary greatly depending on a number of factors. In some instances, you may be sentenced to only 60 days in jail. In others, you could serve as many as 15 years in prison. 

It’s also worth noting that Florida’s stance on prostitution involves regularly considering, promoting, and enforcing new prostitution laws. Naturally, this affects the potential consequences of being found guilty of a prostitution-related crime in Florida.

Fortunately, there are several potential defenses to Florida prostitution charges. They include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:


You may be able to argue that the crime of which you’ve been accused is one you wouldn’t have committed if law enforcement officers hadn’t enticed you to do so.

No prostitution occurred

Sometimes a person is accused of participating in prostitution when there was no intended exchange of money for sex acts. In such circumstances, it’s possible to argue that an act that has been treated as a Florida prostitution crime doesn’t qualify as one.

Law Enforcement Errors

If law enforcement officers failed to Mirandize you or made errors while investigating an alleged crime, a Florida prostitution defense attorney could dismantle the prosecution’s case against you.

Mistaken Identity

Law enforcement officers don’t always apprehend the correct suspect. You may have been accused of a Florida prostitution crime because they mistook you for someone else.

These are just some of the tools a Florida prostitution defense firm can use to strengthen your defense. If you’ve been accused of this type of crime, you need to enlist the help of qualified experts sooner rather than later.

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Choosing the right Florida criminal defense firm is always essential when you’ve been accused of a crime. Because Florida treats prostitution crimes so seriously, it’s particularly crucial that you find an attorney with the experience necessary to offer a strong defense.
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