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Although assault and battery are commonly termed together, they are two different violations. On the one hand, assault is defined as an intentional act to cause another person to fear that they are about to suffer physical harm. In this case, assault charges can be filed even if the victim is not physically harmed. On the other hand, battery refers to the unjustified, harmful touching of another.

Having one charge without the other is possible. However, in most cases, an assault is followed by a battery. Each state follows different classifications on how to charge assault and battery cases, which is why working with attorneys who specialize in criminal defense as well as personal injury is imperative to navigate the complexities that an assault and battery case entitles.

At LJ Law Group, our defense team is well versed in assault and battery cases in Florida to help guide you through the process of fighting for your rights.

Have you been arrested or charged in a Florida sexual battery case? If so, it’s important to consult with a qualified Florida sexual battery lawyer as soon as possible. Due to the nature of these crimes as well as the vulnerability of many victims, prosecutors take sexual battery very seriously. At LJ Law Group, we defend our clients with this in mind.

Essential Information about Florida Sexual Battery Cases


The penalties you may face if you’re convicted of sexual battery in Florida are wide-ranging, depending on a number of factors. However, they’re almost always severe.

Factors affecting the penalties you may be subject to include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • The victim’s age
  • The victim’s mental capacity
  • The number of perpetrators involved
  • Whether any force or threat was involved
  • Past sex crimes charges or convictions
  • Whether the victim survived

Hiring an experienced Florida sexual battery attorney will be key to the outcome of your case. Every case is unique, but the following are some of the ways a sexual battery firm in Florida might defend you:

Questioning Credibility

It’s important that we as a society combat the stigma that sexual battery victims face when they come forward. We shouldn’t reject their claims outright as fabrications.

That said, according to data from the National Sexual Violence Research Center, false sexual battery allegations do occur. We recognize that your Florida sexual battery accuser may be lying. The burden of proof is on them, but you still need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Florida with the experience and expertise to demonstrate to a jury why it should be skeptical of the accuser’s claims.

Questioning Identification

Not everyone who makes a false sexual battery allegation in Florida knows they’re doing so. Being the victim of sexual battery is, of course, traumatic. Sometimes a victim will believe they’ve correctly identified their attacker but be mistaken. 

An attorney can help call into question whether your accuser has accurately identified you as their attacker by, for instance, pointing out inconsistencies in their account of the incident. If their description of the attacker (before they identified you) included details that don’t match your appearance, and they changed their description after accusing you, they may have confused you with someone else.

Collecting Evidence

Our Florida criminal defense firm has the resources needed to gather evidence disproving the allegations against you if you’ve been falsely accused of sexual battery in Florida. This could include video evidence if the alleged attack took place in an area with surveillance cameras, fiber evidence, witness statements, forensic evidence, and more.

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We understand this. That’s why our Florida sexual battery attorneys will, without violating former clients’ privacy, explain how we’ve successfully handled cases similar to yours. For more information, schedule your free consultation today.

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