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As consumers, we expect that when a company sells us a product, they have undergone rigorous safety controls to ensure their safety. However, consumers are repeatedly exposed to unreasonably unsafe products that pose a risk of harm to users. From defective airbags, unsafe drugs deceptively marketed to consumers, manufacturer flaws and more, product liability cases are more common than expected.


When companies fail to provide consumers with safe products, our product liability attorneys are here to make sure these companies are held accountable for their negligence.

Zantac is manufactured by Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim, two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and it’s used by millions and millions of people to help mitigate acid reflux or heartburn. Now there are class action lawsuits against both companies because a carcinogenic compound has been found in the Zantac formulation. The levels of this compound in Zantac are said to be “low” but are still thousands of times the established safe levels. And the compound was already known to be linked to cancer and to cause tumors to develop in the kidneys and liver. The Environmental Protection Agency classified this chemical as a “potent carcinogen.” It’s found in Zantac at 30,000 times the safe level established by the FDA.

Class-action lawsuits have been filed across the country in response to this revelation. The first was filed in California, and suits have also been filed in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Florida. There are also nationwide class-action lawsuits being pursued from New Jersey and Connecticut. Many stores have removed Zantac from their shelves, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Seeking Compensation

Cases like these are just beginning to be filed, so now is the perfect time to act. If you have taken Zantac and then developed liver cancer, kidney cancer, gastric cancer, or colorectal cancer, you should consider reaching out to an experienced mass tort law firm in Florida like LJ Law Group. The invaluable knowledge and experience will help you navigate the claims process and get the compensation you deserve. 

You may be able to get financial compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, reduced ability to earn, physical pain, emotional suffering, and even your spouse’s losses because of your illness. Get in contact now with a Florida Zantac lawyer who can help you get the fair compensation you need to fully recover from the damages caused by taking Zantac. Your attorney will evaluate your case and answer any questions you have about what compensation you can pursue.

Why Should I Use LJ Law Group?

When it comes to getting compensation for your injuries, there are no second chances. If your claim is denied because of unfamiliarity with the process or failing to meet your burden of proof, you won’t be able to try again. Make your shot count.
The lawyers at the LJ Law Group have extensive experience with injury claims, product liability claims, and mass tort claims like class-action lawsuits. When you contact them and they take your case, you gain an extremely powerful ally in your fight for fair compensation. They will be your advocate during the entire claims process, helping you build a strong case that won’t be easily denied or minimized, and they will represent you in court if necessary. Contact LJ Law Group today to talk to them about being your Florida Zantac lawyers.

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