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Many families trust nursing homes to care for their elderly family members. However, in many cases, their trust is met by nursing home abuse, negligence, and more. Suddenly the assisted living facility you trusted has betrayed you in the worst way possible, by neglecting the care of your loved one. When you or a loved one have been mistreated at a nursing home in South Florida, contact a nursing home neglect attorney to fight for your rights.


You trusted the nursing home, but they were negligent. It’s time to hold them accountable.

Alerting Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home residents often need help with daily activities, such as moving, eating, personal hygiene, and so on. When someone is admitted to an assisted living facility, he or she expects to receive the respect, dignity, and care from the nursing home staff that he or she deserves.

Unfortunately, due to many factors, nursing homes can fail to fulfill their obligations. The truth is that nursing home neglect and elder abuse can take many forms, all detrimental to the health of our loved ones.

Physical Abuse: This type of abuse can range from pushing to hitting and other behaviors, which can lead to both civil liability and criminal action.

Emotional Abuse: Sometimes negligence can be emotional, such as name-calling or withholding necessities. Emotional abuse can have many consequences for seniors and result in medical issues in the long term.

Sexual Abuse: Nursing home staff members can engage in non-consensual sexual acts with residents. Also, other residents can engage in sexually abusive behavior. The nursing home is responsible for making sure their residents are safe.

Financial Abuse: Seniors are often vulnerable to being financially abused or property taken improperly by the staff.

Chemical Restraint: Improperly prescribing medications to make residents more docile is a common form of elder abuse.

Neglect: Failure to keep residents in proper living and the caring condition is the most insidious type of nursing home neglect.

In many cases, these signs are not immediately visible to family members. However, alerting negligence signs such as bedsores, broken bones, constant falls, and other indications often signal abuse.

Let Us Protect Your Loved Ones

Build Your Nursing Home Neglect Legal Defense Team

Our elderly loved ones deserve dignity, respect, and quality care. When any of those are ignored by the negligence or carelessness of individuals and corporations, legal action must be taken. At LJ Law Group, we’re committed to helping you identify and prove negligence to fight for the rights of the victims of nursing home abuse.

Nursing care facilities owe their residents a duty of care. When that duty is breached, and there’s evidence of negligence, our nursing home neglect lawyers are here to fight for you.

Building your legal defense team means you have the right representation by your side. Florida Law provides a four-year statute of limitations on negligence claims and two years in medical malpractice claims.

The Right of Victims

Nursing homes are responsible for the actions of their staff and can be held accountable for negligence claims. Nursing homes are also liable if their policies and procedures are found negligent compared to what should be considered reasonable care.

Victims of nursing home abuse and their families may file a civil lawsuit against the nursing home responsible. If an injured senior brings the claim, then our nursing home neglect attorneys proceed with a personal injury case. When the claim comes from surviving family members, then a wrongful death claim must be initiated.

In both cases, the attorneys at LJ Law Group, will aggressively fight for your rights to make sure the nursing home is accountable for their actions.

Working with a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

LJ Law Group has broad experience with nursing home abuse cases. Our nursing home neglect attorneys in Pompano Beach will fight back to make sure your rights are met. Give us a call today at 954-388-9841 or contact us online to start your road to fighting for your rights today. Your consultation is complimentary; we are ready to help you with your claim and help you answer all the questions you might have about filing a nursing home neglect claim.

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