South Florida Car Accident Lawyer

South Florida is one of the most dangerous areas for drivers, with hundreds of thousands of car accidents occurring each year. Being a highly populated state with long stretches of interstates, highways, and busy streets, people are traveling in their car every day, leaving them vulnerable to being injured in an auto accident at any time.


If you or someone you know is injured in a car accident, you need to immediately seek medical and legal advice from an experienced car accident lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Have you been involved in a South Florida car accident caused by someone else’s negligence (that is, their carelessness)? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other losses resulting from the accident.

Recovering what you’re owed is much easier when you coordinate with a qualified personal injury law firm in South Florida. At LJ Law Group, our South Florida car accident attorneys help victims like you secure the compensation they deserve.

Hire a South Florida Car Accident Lawyer Quickly

The first three days after a car accident in South Florida are a critical time. In Florida, regardless of who is responsible for causing an accident, a victim’s insurer will usually be the first party compensating them. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t have an incentive to offer victims the compensation they deserve. To the contrary, when South Florida car accident victims contact them, they quickly try to gather information they can use to justify offering only a little compensation. Insurance adjusters also look for reasons to deny claims entirely.

That’s why meeting with a car accident attorney in South Florida shortly after your accident is essential. It’s in your interests to hire an attorney to handle all major correspondence with the insurance company right away. This is key to avoiding errors that could hurt your claim. Additionally, a South Florida car accident attorney will let you know what other steps you can take, such as seeking medical care and coordinating with witnesses, to strengthen your case.

A “Secret” Reason to Work with a South Florida Car Accident Firm

Even if your insurance company offers compensation after you’re involved in a South Florida car accident, it can compensate you only up to the policy limits, which means it may not offer enough to cover all your losses.

Luckily, there is a way to pursue additional compensation from the party whose negligence caused the accident in some circumstances. Under Florida law, if you sustained “serious injuries” in an accident, you can also seek compensation from the negligent party.

Doing so requires proving that your injuries meet certain criteria. This is another task a South Florida personal injury lawyer can help you with. At LJ Law Group, our attorneys are ready to thoroughly investigate your accident and collect the evidence necessary to prove not only that it resulted from someone else’s negligence but also what specific injuries it caused.

It’s also worth noting that another motorist isn’t always the negligent party in these cases. For example, if the accident was caused by poor road conditions, the agency responsible for maintaining the road may be liable. Our lawyers understand this and they carefully review all the facts and circumstances to accurately determine who should compensate you. 

Why LJ Law Group?

When you need to hire a South Florida car accident attorney, their experience is crucial. You can’t simply assume that a lawyer is telling the truth when they say they can give you the representation you need. You should look for an attorney who can provide evidence to back up their promises.
That’s exactly what you’ll find at LJ Law Group. We’re happy to cite past successes that clearly demonstrate why we’re the right South Florida personal injury law firm for you. Get started today by scheduling your free consultation.

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