• 7 Most Common Florida Motorcycle Accident Causes


    Florida motorcyclists need to be vigilant on the road. Since they don’t have the extra protection the metal frame a car or truck offers, if they’re involved in accidents, the odds of sustaining serious injuries are fairly high. Unfortunately, even when a Florida motorcyclist is responsible and aware of their surroundings, they can still be […]

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  • ​​Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs


    Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience. At LJ Law Group, we make it our mission to inform clients about the ins and outs of their motor vehicle accident claims.

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  • Should You See a Doctor Immediately After a Car Accident?


    If you’ve been in a motor vehicle collision, you’re probably wondering what to do after an accident and what doctor to see after a car accident. There are several crucial steps to take immediately following an accident to ensure that you have the best possible case when filing a personal injury claim. First and foremost,

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  • Car Accident Statistics in Pompano Beach


    Pompano Beach is a blossoming city, with a population of 106,004 growing at a 1.21 percent rate. The average Pompano Beach household owns at least two cars and has a commuting time averaging at 24.3 minutes, and around 2.13 percent of the Pompano workforce have “super commutes” more than 90 minutes. With almost 73.3 percent…

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